The lovely Devon Aoki drifts through Chinatown as evening turns to night in this editorial from Vogue Nippon, circa 2002. Advertisements

Sympathy for the devil, because clearly, even she went through it. *an original moodboard, by Me*

Beautiful bubbly furs! Faux, or harmlessly sourced. How else is an East Coast Creep supposed to brave the upcoming chills?

This is a short but cute collection, resting on a lot of earthy tones, coming off true fall with rich colors and textures. I will say this has a much more mature feel to it than other shows; aside from tone there’s increasingly interesting/odd silhouettes – this gives an almost contemporary art in its imagery […]

Hmmm another soft-light production. This one’s also somewhat bland, but also pretty, branded, and very layered. What I like is that LV FW18 is totally fashion cult: Ivy library edition, maybe a little Yale chic. It screams “Mission: Bar Exam”. The models’ faces really back this up…they scream the hard look of a death knell […]

My first thoughts: so so cute!! My second thoughts: what’s really going on here? A chic 80s nerd girl feel, exacerbated by all the acid wash denim and slouchy coats, these bring a casual look. Neutrals paired with bright, vibrant colors in a variety of materials – mohair, tweed, leather, very interesting. (Yarn fringe detailing??) […]

A highlight? Maybe backlight; backlit better. Overall, this collection whisper-shouts drab; dreary; a dark woodland jaunt for the shamelessly Myrtle Snow type of femme: austere like the childless auntie I’ve always revered. The shapes are interesting, they’re fitted and flowy, with a heavy boxy silhouette. The classic tweeds all look very thick, almost carpeted. There’s […]

Wow this collection…is…not what I expected. I typically like Moschino, but this…paper dolls to pills…doesn’t work for me. The pill case theme isn’t that bad – it even makes more sense for the brand, even if i think it’s really cliché.I did not like the paper doll/printed on look, which  is really the whole show. […]