Class of Nuke ‘Em High (1986)

Personal Rating: d

Runtime: 1h 36 min

Rating: R

Genre: Sci-Fi/80’s/Horror

Directors: Lloyd Kaufman, Richard W. Haines, Michael Herz

Starring: Janelle Brady, Gil Brenton, Robert Prichard

“Remember those guys – they were the Honor Society.”

Okay Troma Entertainment or Troll Entertainment…? I know this is a cult classic or #whatever, but it’s a pretty typical 80’s horror high school movie, brimming with assholes, a cute but ditzy couple, hilariously bad administration, and quintessential Mad Max aesthetic. There’s not much to be said in the way of story writing, or acting…character development…editing…but it’s definitely something. Like a parody ahead of its time. And the soundtrack is cute.

As far as cautionary tales go, put simply, don’t  buy weed from characters who look like they crawled out of Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One. (mUtAnTs RuLe!) That’s where their trouble really started, and then just careened off into the 80’s ether. However, as bad as this movie is, there is this interesting juxtaposition between the male and female lead in light of older social prejudices on sex – his experience is one of hulking accomplishment, and hers is…one of pregnancy and terror. It jives with the teen-body-under-violently-strange-transformations theme prevalent in these types of movies. Here, the “you can’t get pregnant on the first try” fetus functions as an odd savior-enemy entity like in Prometheus. From a film critic perspective, honestly, the best thing about this movie is how subtly this theme comes off.  Overall, while not the most engaging, this movie is definitely solid Horrortrash.


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