2017 Paris Couture: Alberta Ferretti

Like a Grecian mermaid goddess turned KISS fan. Oddly chic, but simple – classic Ferretti. Also not exactly couture, but Ferretti seems to be filling a very specific niche for a specific kind of girl. The themes are very whimsical, like old watercolor illustrations for Disney movies, or children’s books. That being said, there’s also a LOT of fringe. It works, but it’s basically all rippling fringe dresses, with some detailed sparkles. I dig the flowing water themes, the high-end pirate sea wench vibe for this collection – it’s a very different approach to A/W styles so far. While I’m a little disappointed everyone’s doing the backless Moroccan shoe, it was a cool tie-in. Specifically though, those ivory fringe fish scale palazzo pants, and that seafoam-and-fringe kaftan are pretty damn cool.


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