2017 Paris Couture: Guo Pei


*Eyeroll* As usual, beautiful. Guo Pei consistently has a stunning sense of luxury in her couture, and naturally this season was no different – luxurious and glamorous. While I was more sold on the first half, all in all it was very cohesive, and very couture, in contrast to what’s generally been presented so fat this season. The show started with some honestly – amazing pieces. Visually, I got ‘princess meets vintage Asian hollywood’ feels…and then there’s this victorian flair thrown into the mix. Which I’m not mad about – it worked for me. Structurally I thought these pieces seemed really cool – a mix of alternative and traditional shapes and figures. Like reimagined vintage in a couture/slightly avant garde way. I loved the materials, equally fascinating, and with a tech-textile appeal. There were a few odd colors and prints – notably in the middle the show started to trail off for me, so the second palette didn’t quite capture me. Personally, the purple/yellow proportion wasn’t a fave, and the pieces seemed generically abstract.

However, I must say a creep loves her style -and I couldn’t help but die a little over the Vivenne Westwood mega heels with ballet shoe touch. Gimme.


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