2017 Paris Couture: Ulyana Sergeenko

Huzzah for Paris Couture week starting today! I. LOVE. couture. Anyway, onto Ulyana’s F/W17 collection – overall smooth, simple, and…sparkly. While I’m generally a fan of her Eastern European style, her mix of shapes and textures (see her 2015 show), this time, I was left feeling…meh. I didn’t get couture from this – more designer fashion and luxury fabrics. Nothing about the overall construction aside from a couple pieces really spoke couture to me – not even conceptually, except the less abstract moto-styled looks; these have a refined Jeremy Scott-esque feel to them. This was the strongest and most visually cohesive theme, and could’ve been stronger. Some of the collection had a Bea Arthur inspired look to them, which made for quite a few baggy silhouettes. Other than these, cut-out shapes, animal prints and textures, landscape scene outerwear, and a lot of sparkles kept it together. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the red-bottomed flats, but the red-welled style purse was hype cute.



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