The Purge: Election Year (2016)

Personal Rating: f-

Runtime: 1hr 45 mins.

Rating: R

Directed By: James DeMonaco 

Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller


No bueno

Starring: Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria

Despite the one that came before I was surprisingly hype for this sequel. But what can I say about Purge (3) Election Year? This movie dragged for me. I didn’t appreciate the cut-and-paste-from-headlines plot, formulaic to Anarchy. Frankly this real life in America in 2016 election and candidates have me actually shook to the core. (Though this film seemed like a foray into a Bernie Sanders alternate reality.) That being said, like the last Purge film (Anarchy) this one is also super fucking overt with its message, while not-so-subtly using the political  as a backdrop to make a statement. It would have been more effective for them to focus on the first year of the purge, the NFFA elections then. And thrown in, requisite gore and killings to actually fulfill slasher/horror standards. I appreciated it more in the first movie. At this point it just feels like they’re milking actual social issues to further this Marxist-Socialist commercial. it’s a shame they’re so focused on re-driving this point through the home that they completely missed the entertainment aspect of a film of this genre? Maybe I’m being too critical, but I thought I paid for a horror flick. As an example: those degenerate girls that returned to the store could have, and ultimately should have been more affected by the environment of the Purge. The main trynna-be-badass could have skipped merrily, right into the swinging guillotine contraption in the alley. Her mom could have poisoned some sweet candy  she’d been eating when originally in the store. Something else, really. (I wondered if they got flack for having so many traditionally weak female characters, so they spawned these also traditional and very weak potty-mouthed girl gangs.
Unfortunately, half the cast seems like they crawled from the underbelly of Madea’s Cantankerous Family Vacation. Who wrote the script, and what jive turkey sell-out contributed the ad libs? ‘My negro?’ ‘Waffles and pussy?’ And that distasteful and frankly awkward comment about negroes and chicken…I wish I could say I was amused. (And this Mexican from Tijua-hell I can’t.) Additionally, I’m really over this class-based social injustice perspective, and tyrannical turn this series has taken. They have me wondering…if the NFFA are that much worse than the people involved with this movie?


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