2017 Fall Couture: Elie Saab

I love Elie Saab’s work, consistently season after season. He just does beautiful feminine silhouettes that he bases his thematic collections on. Initially this show gave speakeasy feels – a pianist, winding stairs, smoky atmosphere – or is that camera glare just happy to see me…

There’s absolutely an old hollywood glam – something different from his recent work, which is great to see – and still beautifully feminine. It’s countered by a New York/cityscape abstraction peppered with flora and fauna. This collection features lovely draped skirts and sparkly details – also in the same vein as the fun/quirky literal imagery a la Schiaparelli, Jeremy Scott, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. Overall lovely fabrics, but sometimes the embellished meshes and velvet burnout were too busy and too much for me. Finally, the  children’s wear interpretations were too cute, and added this ‘been-riche for generations’ quality.




  1. Great honest and thoughtful post! I do love the intricate details, and elegant femininity of Elie Saab 🙂

    Naomi of http://www.brentandnaomi.wordpress.com


    1. Thank you – he’s always so beautifully classy!


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