2017 Fall Couture: Fendi

***Blame jury duty for the lateness of the following posts***

Now, onto the infamous fountain show. I think some people felt like the elaborate backdrop was more of a distraction from the collection, which, admittedly I think would have looked odd on a traditional runway.

This collection’s got a 19th century French vibe, like Colette from Les Miz ending up as a high society girl. Is this why all the models look miserable? This theme is reinforced through the coat/dress shapes, shoes, hair, fluffy ruffles, and fresh-looking makeup. While classic in this sense, is it relatable to classic Fendi? Feeling more like Schiaparelli or Dolce & Gabbana. There’s a lot of fur – a couple models incidentally look like partially skinned rabbits. Additionally, the collection features only dresses and dress coats – which maybe a part of the theme…or…? On one hand I don’t mind it, but because the collection is so specific, it does feel limiting, no? At its core, this look is cute, but just seems a little thin for a fall couture collection.



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