SS17 NYFW: Altuzarra

I’ll be honest I was never die-hard into Altuzarra, but I do really like their shoes typically. But these stilettos look like they’re killing almost everyone. Glad it’s not me though. This season looks very hyper-femme, with ruffled edges, fitted silhouettes, and spring colors, prints and sheers. There’s plenty off the shoulder tops and flowy shirtdresses; high slit pencil skirts, all super trendy. But it’s kinda repetitive. The shapes seem relatively simple, leaving this contentious relationship between some of the prints – snakeskin…and red checker…hmm. I’m not even sure how to catalog this – WWII spring picnic? Nah, must just be the tablecloth fabric. It’s weird there’s these design details that seem nice individually, but as whole, I’m really not that into it. Personally, I like the lemon studded chiffon looking gown, but that’s about it. I will say though, WOW that’s one teeny chiffon bra top…I’d love to see how that pattern grades up.



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