SS17 NYFW: Jeremy Scott

This dude really brought back Nickolodeon slime! And I’m not even mad. I actually love the greasy city theme, it’s a perfect encapsulation of mega-city. The grid sub-slime prints on the dresses, and the taxi cab black and yellow check was a great way to integrate this image. The collection attached this to a heavy pop-mod flow and slight hollywood hooker/porn star vibes. All in all, pretty consistent Jeremy Scott/Moschino – lovely. I like the mix of male and female, it makes me feel more comfortable buying menswear for myself if it’s something I like, and part of the whole collection. Like this obnoxiously angry blue jacket, and equally irate blue bustier would work. I love bustiers, so the nice leather zip up ones in this collection have me  smitten. I also enjoyed the balance of the 80’s graphic effect of the face prints. I also love the mix and match appeal of this show. As a whole, it really feels like this collection is a statement from a younger, more outlandish sister of DKNY.

I don’t know about everyone else but I thought the Jeremy toothpaste theme was adorable too, like a retro-cute pop-up commercial. Towards the end the shapes have definitely taken a turn for the weird, but with a little reworking I can see them in a classic Tim Burton film.


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