Creep Aesthetics: Lettermans

Lettermans, Varsity jackets, baseball bombers.

Originally derived from the snobby yet dignified 19th century Harvard sports circle, the letterman style has descended into a distinct American classic. These jackets are everything because: 1) they are endlessly comfortable; 2) when done right are very durable; 3) are perfect for those in-between weather nightmares like now. (Too hot and too cold and never the right thing on.) 4) they’re fully customizable and can be tailored in style and form to the wearer’s taste -chenille, embroidery, denim, patches and other accoutrements. I also love that they’re sporty-chic, it can help tone down an outfit that’s too classy (a personal specialty). And, thanks to the Ivy League history and the current streetwear influence on couture, lettermans are damn classy all on their own. Definitely in a creep’s arsenal, for use year-round.

Examples of proper creep style:


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