SS17 NYFW: Alexander Wang

In the beginning, I was really into this collection’s look – very summery, but structured. The styles initially are really cute and seem very effortless, though the tie and the fit help bring it up a notch. The models look like they could waltz right off the runway track and into summer 2017.  But someone needs to slap the DJ.

There’s the typical A Wang bra tops with wrap -around ties and and really comfy looking pants. And the usual urban appeal. But the theme starts splitting into different directions pretty early on…I’m not sure if I’m really sold on any of them. The lingerie touch is looking garrish, with the vivid colors and black lace, with these tailored pieces and then Cali-esque hoodies. I mean there’s cute stuff…but it’s in a lot of different places. Like JFK–>LAX–>LGA. And then the show segues into a stream of all-black Wang x Adidas wear. Hm. But with this mini-video in the middle I feel like I’m being tricked into watching a Willamsburg version of the videotape from The Ring. 


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