Creep Aesthetics: Chanel Oberlin x BDay


What fresh HELL is this?


[Turn up on my birthday! Ay!]   HA – I am the number ONE creep, Chanel Oberlin! Soon I’ll be unstoppable as Heather Chandler’s 21st century embodiment – actual hell on heels. (Minus the incident with the draino cocktail.)  I didn’t want to like Scream Queens, but I did. Despite its occasional ??? moments, I really liked it. So needless to say when Buzzfeed confirmed that Chanel Oberlin is in fact Me, and mere minutes before my birthday which is also the same day as the season 2 premiere, I realized I needed a spirit animal post. Furs, pastels, silks, tweeds, all luxury. Young, spoiled rich and completely psychotic Jackie O looks. Queen.

Gifts and Donations Welcome 



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