MFW SS2017: Gucci

Gucci this season looks hazy amidst a quirky/classy vibe. The collection features luxurious looking materials, high creepers, nice accessories, and some headpieces I’m not too sure about.  Theme-wise, it’s very 70’s with the silhouettes, wide legged pants, manic fringe, and actual technicolor dream coats…too much technicolor, perhaps. There’s also some Asian and European royalty sources, with pirate looks, librarian chic feels, and then random sporty looks added to the mix. Similarly, the motifs are kind of all over the place – fun but not very together. This is odd, though, because I can see that this is cohesive as a wardrobe, but as a collection, not so much. Also the only things that really say spring here are the color palette and some sheers and chiffons. But there’s an overtone of goth/creep styles, and this is honestly why I like this collection – I could see myself married for the third time in one of these outfits. The show dramatics are also cool, yet not overbearing.


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