MFW SS2017: Prada

I’m the black sheep on my mother’s side of the family because I rep Prada and not Chanel. Every generation is a Chanel fanatic, except me, I just love Prada. That being said, I’m generally a fan of this collection. (And I could absolutely do with this feathery cuffed trench coat.) It’s very spring in shape and form, which isn’t something that’s been consistent this season.

Stylistically, the show looks classic Prada with a futuristic spin, and interesting accessory details. Honestly the little rectangle things (phone cases? wallets?) are making some of these models look like chic-ass check out girls at Wawa. And I really like it. The mandarin collar silky suits and dresses with the feather detailing are also really cool – it’s got a loungewear vibe but the attitude is 100% professional. I’d wear this as a CEO, spending most of my day looking cute from meeting to meeting. Paired with this, I love the clean makeup – ready for business, not here for bullshit. Personally though, I’m really split on this crop cami over a shirt look…I think in a different fabric, or maybe examining a sample up-close, I’d like it, but with the prints…it’s not working for me fully. There’s also an interesting uneven detail with the jackets, and I did find the skirts a little repetitive, but in the end it all comes off both sharp and soft.

But I can’t with that furry creeper sandal.



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