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Season Highlights: Céline FW18

This is a short but cute collection, resting on a lot of earthy tones, coming off true fall with rich colors and textures. I will say this has a much more mature feel to it than other shows; aside from tone there’s increasingly interesting/odd silhouettes – this gives an almost contemporary art in its imagery […]

Season Highlights: Miu Miu FW18

My first thoughts: so so cute!! My second thoughts: what’s really going on here? A chic 80s nerd girl feel, exacerbated by all the acid wash denim and slouchy coats, these bring a casual look. Neutrals paired with bright, vibrant colors in a variety of materials – mohair, tweed, leather, very interesting. (Yarn fringe detailing??) […]

Season Highlights: Chanel Fall 2018

A highlight? Maybe backlight; backlit better. Overall, this collection whisper-shouts drab; dreary; a dark woodland jaunt for the shamelessly Myrtle Snow type of femme: austere like the childless auntie I’ve always revered. The shapes are interesting, they’re fitted and flowy, with a heavy boxy silhouette. The classic tweeds all look very thick, almost carpeted. There’s […]

Forays Into Couture: Phase 1

…I’m the ghost with the most, babe I’m fascinated by couture technique and design. So I’m working on my first ever full couture project, using construction methods from Dior, Valentino, YSL, etc. I’m beyond hype about my design, which is based on a vintage Schiaparelli aesthetic, and the movie Beetlejuice! Which is, and has been, and […]

2017 Fall Couture: Elie Saab

I love Elie Saab’s work, consistently season after season. He just does beautiful feminine silhouettes that he bases his thematic collections on. Initially this show gave speakeasy feels – a pianist, winding stairs, smoky atmosphere – or is that camera glare just happy to see me… There’s absolutely an old hollywood glam – something different from his recent […]

2017 Fall Couture: Jean Paul Gaultier

From the first time I saw The Fifth Element, I’ve loved Jean Paul Gaultier and the alternative-alien 90’s universe he’s stuck in. Conceptually his pieces are great, but universally, it’s hard to distill a consistent theme. Not wow-ing necessarily. There’s a definitive woodland feel, with an owl-head inspiration, and then a nod to backpacker hobo chic in the middle. […]

2017 Fall Couture: Schiaparelli

At this point, I’ve learned to appreciate vintage Schiaparelli, and typically applaud the unique aspects of the label’s aesthetic. This season, Schiaparelli focused on shoulder detailing, applique and pin details with some abstract floral/paisley looking brocades. Semi-classic, with a brief zodiac theme that I wish was pushed just a little more. The styles seemed a little stiff at the beginning, and […]