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Season Highlights: Miu Miu FW18

My first thoughts: so so cute!! My second thoughts: what’s really going on here? A chic 80s nerd girl feel, exacerbated by all the acid wash denim and slouchy coats, these bring a casual look. Neutrals paired with bright, vibrant colors in a variety of materials – mohair, tweed, leather, very interesting. (Yarn fringe detailing??) […]

Creep Aesthetics: Red Devil

Sympathy for the devil, because clearly, even she went through it. *an original moodboard, by Me*

MFW SS2017: Prada

I’m the black sheep on my mother’s side of the family because I rep Prada and not Chanel. Every generation is a Chanel fanatic, except me, I just love Prada. That being said, I’m generally a fan of this collection. (And I could absolutely do with this feathery cuffed trench coat.) It’s very spring in shape and form, […]

MFW SS2017: Gucci

Gucci this season looks hazy amidst a quirky/classy vibe. The collection features luxurious looking materials, high creepers, nice accessories, and some headpieces I’m not too sure about.  Theme-wise, it’s very 70’s with the silhouettes, wide legged pants, manic fringe, and actual technicolor dream coats…too much technicolor, perhaps. There’s also some Asian and European royalty sources, with pirate looks, librarian […]

Creep Aesthetics: Bold Fall Furs

Beautiful bubbly furs! Faux, or harmlessly sourced. How else is an East Coast Creep supposed to brave the upcoming chills?

Creep Aesthetics: Chanel Oberlin x BDay

What fresh HELL is this? [Turn up on my birthday! Ay!]   HA – I am the number ONE creep, Chanel Oberlin! Soon I’ll be unstoppable as Heather Chandler’s 21st century embodiment – actual hell on heels. (Minus the incident with the draino cocktail.)  I didn’t want to like Scream Queens, but I did. Despite its occasional ??? moments, I […]

Creep Aesthetics: Lettermans

Lettermans, Varsity jackets, baseball bombers. Originally derived from the snobby yet dignified 19th century Harvard sports circle, the letterman style has descended into a distinct American classic. These jackets are everything because: 1) they are endlessly comfortable; 2) when done right are very durable; 3) are perfect for those in-between weather nightmares like now. (Too hot and […]