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Creep Aesthetics: Red Devil

Sympathy for the devil, because clearly even she went through it. *an original moodboard, by Me* Advertisements

MFW SS2017: Gucci

Gucci this season looks hazy amidst a quirky/classy vibe. The collection features luxurious looking materials, high creepers, nice accessories, and some headpieces I’m not too sure about.  Theme-wise, it’s very 70’s with the silhouettes, wide legged pants, manic fringe, and actual technicolor dream coats…too much technicolor, perhaps. There’s also some Asian and European royalty sources, with pirate looks, librarian […]

Creep Aesthetics: Bold Fall Furs

Beautiful bubbly furs! Faux, or harmlessly sourced. How else is an East Coast Creep supposed to brave the upcoming chills?

Creep Aesthetics: Chanel Oberlin x BDay

What fresh HELL is this? [Turn up on my birthday! Ay!]   HA – I am the number ONE creep, Chanel Oberlin! Soon I’ll be unstoppable as Heather Chandler’s 21st century embodiment – actual hell on heels. (Minus the incident with the draino cocktail.)  I didn’t want to like Scream Queens, but I did. Despite its occasional ??? moments, I […]

Creep Aesthetics: Lettermans

Lettermans, Varsity jackets, baseball bombers. Originally derived from the snobby yet dignified 19th century Harvard sports circle, the letterman style has descended into a distinct American classic. These jackets are everything because: 1) they are endlessly comfortable; 2) when done right are very durable; 3) are perfect for those in-between weather nightmares like now. (Too hot and […]

Forays Into Couture: Phase 1

…I’m the ghost with the most, babe I’m fascinated by couture technique and design. So I’m working on my first ever full couture project, using construction methods from Dior, Valentino, YSL, etc. I’m beyond hype about my design, which is based on a vintage Schiaparelli aesthetic, and the movie Beetlejuice! Which is, and has been, and […]