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It’s the Most Wonderful Time ~~ Of the Year

We are now officially entering my favorite season: Fall. Crisp weather, warm delicious foods, and horror movie madness on basically every channel. Plus strangers give away candy and vodka on Halloween. And you can dress like an axe murderer, mask and all, and people assume it’s just seasonal cheer. And, of course, the requisite pumpkin spice […]

Creep Aesthetics: Chanel Oberlin x BDay

What fresh HELL is this? [Turn up on my birthday! Ay!]   HA – I am the number ONE creep, Chanel Oberlin! Soon I’ll be unstoppable as Heather Chandler’s 21st century embodiment – actual hell on heels. (Minus the incident with the draino cocktail.)  I didn’t want to like Scream Queens, but I did. Despite its occasional ??? moments, I […]

The Lazarus Effect

“You are playing God with a bunch of dead animals. You had to know this was coming.”  In which a jovial lab-science crew develops a chemical compound for resurrection…yet are taken unawares by the supernatural consequences Personal Rating: c- Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 1hr 23 mins. Genre: Sci-fi/Horror/Thriller hybrid Directed By: David Gelb Starring: Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Ethan Hawke, Donald […]

Netflix is a Dark Place, And That’s Ok

You have a rare gift for murder. Continued success! In my ronin-like search for something decent to commit to, I have found my underrated old flame, Jessica Fletcher of Murder, She Wrote. AKA Miss Marple’s Cabot Cove doppelgänger. While other kids watched Disney I caught up on crime fiction, so there’s years of nostalgia between her and […]


Personal Rating: c Released: January 8 2009 Runtime: 98 mins. Rating: R Genre: Sci-fi/Horror hybrid Directed By: Michael & Peter Spierig Starring: Ethan Hawke; Sam Neill; Willem Dafoe Unfortunately Daybreakers swerved me in this direction in its beautiful and futuristic Chrysler, literally and figuratively. The film itself – as far as the genre goes  – […]

Forays Into Couture: Phase 1

…I’m the ghost with the most, babe I’m fascinated by couture technique and design. So I’m working on my first ever full couture project, using construction methods from Dior, Valentino, YSL, etc. I’m beyond hype about my design, which is based on a vintage Schiaparelli aesthetic, and the movie Beetlejuice! Which is, and has been, and […]

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Personal Rating: c- Runtime: 2hrs 14 mins. Rating: R Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller Directed By: James Wan Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Madison Wolfe Okay…they’re cool and all but Ed and Lorraine need to stop. They consistently do the utmost. I’m not sure what’s with this Insidious/Conjuring/Annabelle/Ouija conglomerate making the same kind of movie 6 times…BUT this sequel is […]