I guess it’s Woodstock in Tangier this season (with this Moroccan cafe backdrop)! Oddly this works for Cavalli – the style is very Puss-n-Boots rules Bohemia, where it’s always Woodstock. With that being said, I don’t think it’s terribly innovative. There’s lots of stipes and Janis Joplin’s swag; fringe, ruffles, patterns, and flowy dresses galore. Throughout is interesting mix […]

I’m the black sheep on my mother’s side of the family because I rep Prada and not Chanel. Every generation is a Chanel fanatic, except me, I just love Prada. That being said, I’m generally a fan of this collection. (And I could absolutely do with this feathery cuffed trench coat.) It’s very spring in shape and form, […]

Gucci this season looks hazy amidst a quirky/classy vibe. The collection features luxurious looking materials, high creepers, nice accessories, and some headpieces I’m not too sure about.  Theme-wise, it’s very 70’s with the silhouettes, wide legged pants, manic fringe, and actual technicolor dream coats…too much technicolor, perhaps. There’s also some Asian and European royalty sources, with pirate looks, librarian […]

We are now officially entering my favorite season: Fall. Crisp weather, warm delicious foods, and horror movie madness on basically every channel. Plus strangers give away candy and vodka on Halloween. And you can dress like an axe murderer, mask and all, and people assume it’s just seasonal cheer. And, of course, the requisite pumpkin spice […]

Devon Aoki plays with shadow in this emotive editorial from The Face. Looking lovely as always! Photographed by Mario Sorrenti, circa 1997.

Beautiful bubbly furs! Faux, or harmlessly sourced. How else is an East Coast Creep supposed to brave the upcoming chills?

What fresh HELL is this? [Turn up on my birthday! Ay!]   HA – I am the number ONE creep, Chanel Oberlin! Soon I’ll be unstoppable as Heather Chandler’s 21st century embodiment – actual hell on heels. (Minus the incident with the draino cocktail.)  I didn’t want to like Scream Queens, but I did. Despite its occasional ??? moments, I […]